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Perfectly Healthy

Perfectly Healthy Mega Greens Plus MSM Powder 8oz

Product Information

Mega Greens is a food supplement with vegetable extracts and methyl Sulffonyl Methane. Due to our current busy lifestyles, it is often difficult to eat an abundance of healthy green vegetables. Mega Greens contains the goodness of concentrated green grasses, vegetables, sprouted grains, herbs and MSM.

Contains a significant amount of iron and Vitamin A.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Type, size and quantity

Perfectly Healthy Mega Greens Plus MSM Powder



Recommended Daily Dose - 1 scoop mixed in 1 litre of water 3 times per day.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Barley GrassBeet Root PowderBilberry LeafBroccoli Powder
Carrot PowderDandelion Leaf,GarlicGinger Root
Red Raspberry LeafRosemary Leaf PowderSage LeafSpearmint
SpinachOlive LeafAlfalfa LeafAlfalfa Sprouts Powder
Aloe 200:1Barley SproutsBeet Leaf PowderCabbage Leaf
Parsley Leaf PowderPeppermint LeavesShave GrassStrawberry Leaf
Watercress Aerial PartsWintergreen LeafCauliflowerAvocado
CucumberGreen Tea ExtractL-Beta Carotene
Each daily serving (6g)(average values)%EU RDA
Vitamin A from L-Beta Carotine   2250ug281%
MSM (Retinol Equivalent)60mg