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Regina Royal Jelly and Vitamin E Cream


A rich, effective moisturising cream, containing fresh Royal Jelly, jojoba oil, beeswax and vitamin E. Royal Jelly is one of the most remarkable nutritional substances found in nature. Royal Jelly is produced by worker bees exclusively for the queen bee of the hive and it's amazing properties are demonstrated in that she grows to twice the size of ordinary bees, lives around 50 times longer and produces a phenomenal number of eggs each day. Royal Jelly can also be of enormous benefit to humans. This rich nutritional source contains many of the minerals, vitamins and trace elements required by our bodies and for thousands of years has been taken as a dietary supplement to promote health and vitality. Because it is unprocessed and comes direct from the hive Regina Royal Jelly is the freshest on the market. No goodness is removed and natural moisture is retained. In this way the thousands of people who take our Royal Jelly every day receive all of its benefits.

Sorry, but this product is now discontinued.

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